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We have options! I’ve tried to make supporting my content as easy and straight forward as possible. As such, we have strokes for different folks! I have a Patreon where you can subscribe monthly and I’ve set various tiers based on the amount donated. If the subscription model isn’t up your alley, I have a Ko-Fi page where you can buy me a figurative cup of coffee! You pay as much as you like and it’s a one time payment, so pay whenever you’re feeling generous. The final option is directly through WordPress itself. I have set up a payment button on the website and the funds will go directly to my Paypal if you don’t want to navigate through other websites. All money is appreciated and at the moment, the majority will be going towards paying off my student loans. Support as you like and just know I truly appreciate each and every donation!

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I love producing content. As I grow as an individual, so does my content. What was once acceptable now isn’t. As such, more time is spent working on each post. I do all edits, research, and content creation. Whether it’s taking photos for a post one day to writing poetry the next, my blog is keeping me busy. Donations are appreciated and are used to invest in creative pursuits whether that be writing classes, art lessons, and anything in-between.


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