Series and Special Projects

One Location to find all the major projects and undertakings I have worked on. This page will constantly be updated as more is added, so come back often if you want to see a showcase of my work.

Sustainability Month

I have wanted to talk about sustainability forever! With the restructuring of my blog, that is now possible. This series will be great to talk about annually and we help me satisfy my itch for a better future.

Captain Planet is Back.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health is important and that’s why I decided to start talking about. Meant as a one-off as I worked through my own personal demons, it is now an annual series on this blog. See all the articles below.

Mental Health Awareness Month Throughout The Years

Short Stories Series

I started writing short stories as a form of writing practice. Some short stories are best left on their own while others deserve a proper story arch. Below are the current short stories that have been worthy of becoming series.

Short Stories That Continue…

Short Story Month

Short Story Month! A month dedicated to writing fiction and simply celebrating the creative itch to build worlds. October is the month and is dedicated to practicing this craft!

Short Stories for the Soul…

National Poetry Month

In the United States, we have a national poetry month. Since an early age I have loved poetry and this month we celebrate the endeavor. These hand written poems come with my thoughts on the meaning they hold.

Poetry To Fall In Love With

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