Series and Special Projects

One Location to find all the major projects and undertakings I have worked on. This page will constantly be updated as more is added, so come back often if you want to see a showcase of my work.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health is important and that’s why I decided to start talking about. Meant as a one-off as I worked through my own personal demons, it is now an annual series on this blog. See all the articles below.

Mental Health Awareness Month Throughout The Years

Short Stories Series

I started writing short stories as a form of writing practice. Some short stories are best left on their own while others deserve a proper story arch. Below are the current short stories that have been worthy of becoming series.

Short Stories That Continue…

Short Story / Horror Month

Born out of the need to practice my writing and desire to celebrate a season, darkness I sought and darkness I found. Horror is typically not what I write but I like a month a thrill in this annual tradition that is more treat than trick.

All that goes bump in the night…

National Poetry Month

In the United States, we have a national poetry month. Since an early age I have loved poetry and this month we celebrate the endeavor. These hand written poems come with my thoughts on the meaning they hold.

Poetry To Fall In Love With