Autumn Photos just in time for Winter

This year has gone by fast. In the blink of an eye Summer was over and Autumn has come and is on it’s way out as we head towards Winter. So I decided to go out and take photos.

All the leaves are brown but the sky is not grey.

I’m quite proud of this trip. Coming home and looking at the photos, I’m glad I decided to go out. The colors absolutely pop with the photos and it truly does feel magical.

Photography is perhaps the most difficult hobby I’ve picked up; it requires taking the ordinary and portraying it in such a way that it becomes extraordinary. We walk by trees every day but do we ever truly notice how beautiful something is? And if we do, can we express it to others in a way that intrigues, that captures ones interest?

When we think Autumn, we often think of warmth; as such, most photos should reflect what our mind already wants to perceive. However, diffused, soft lighting can be just as beautiful. 

A stretched hand reaching out to greet you 

It is easy to overlook the little moments and often times we forget to look at the bits and pieces that make up the machine. Autumn simply wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the leaves.

An Autumn stroll is sometimes all we need. To feel the wind blow and the leaves rustle. It’s a time to relax and catch our breath.

As my life becomes increasingly more corporate, I hope I can still find time to capture a moment in time. A moment where I can simply take a walk and hear the birds chirp, the river crackle, and the wind sing. Moments where the rain taps my shoulder in greeting and the sun smiles through a canopy of leaves.



Photos fresh off the press

I’ve finally bought a camera! I used to do black and white photography 5 years ago and have always been meaning to get back into taking photos as it was something I really enjoyed. This is an experimental blog post as I figure out how I want to start incorporating my photography into the blog. So sit back and enjoy!

A yellow flower that peers into your soul.

You didn’t know grass could look this good.

A little bud ready to bloom

50 shades of purple

The tree most likely to fall over and kill me in my sleep

Feeling a little blue

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