Fireworks, Cityscapes, and Nighttime: Adventures in photography

In my pursuit of hobbies that challenge the mind, my newest addition to what will eventually be the death of me is photography. Going out, taking photos and stretching my comfort zone until it pops and oozes discomfort; if I survive, great. If not, at least I’ll have some amazing photos.  Life is too short not to play and play I have.


Personally, I am disgusted with my photos and I am not saying that for humble brag points. What you see is pretty lights while what I see is camera shake akin to making a double exposure.


As a first attempt, these are not bad but they could be so much more. Had I been strong enough to lift a tripod, the night might have ended differently. And Thank God I’m too broke to afford a lens with proper zoom because then you might see what I see.


I almost didn’t go out but decided “why not?” as I do with the best decisions in my life. Steps are steps and even crawling gets you somewhere. I never want to get in the habit of telling myself “I can’t.”


We are our greatest critics and most give up before something can truly flourish. Success is not a straight line and success is relative. If we believe we can’t, we can’t. If we believe we can, we can.

IMG_0223 (2)

And the greatest achievements in life are not easy and when achieved, offer the greatest sense of accomplishment. Take pride in knowing you’ll get there and instead of focusing on what’s wrong, always see mistakes as learning opportunities.

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