July 2020 update: Oh my God, we made it

2020, what a start to a new decade. As I edge closer to the twilight of my twenties this year went from an exciting start to a bizarre limbo and an uncertain end. I run on the side of hope, that all will eventually balance out.

The Coming Month

Part of the goal with these start-of-the-month updates is a chance to better connect with the community and lay long term infrastructure for the blog. If I ever need to take a break from writing, I can update in this post rather than just randomly go off the grid, like I’ve done in the past. A lot of my posts I add the occasional life update but with a monthly update I can do life updates all in one place, without tacking it onto an article; this will help articles keep their focus. This month for our two articles we’re looking at a poem and the third chapter of New Horizon, which has not been seen since 2018. I want to do the third chapter right, so expect this post to be the last week of the month. As for the poem, that’ll be next week.

Other Updates

This year I’m focused on growth but more importantly, sustainable growth. What I like about WordPress is the sense of community. Before I was a writer, I was a reader and nowhere else have I felt more at home. In the past, I’ve shied away from active promotion and have preferred organic growth; however, I’ve come to realize these two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Simply put, I want more people to see my content and enjoy what I have to share with the world. Instead of simply waiting for more people to come, it helps to simply say “hey, by the way, it’d be great if you joined the community.” Simple, yet effective.

No more weekend posts

Sometimes I get excited and want to post right away. As I’ve found over my years of writing, while the time of a post typically doesn’t matter, the day does. Weekend posts have historically gotten no traffic, regardless of topic. Fridays and Mondays are also fairly slow. So as I organize the blog and look at reach, you can expect to see posts on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. All this really means for you is more consistency, which is good.

Updated Contact and About page

Long overdue, I finally got around to updating my About and Contact page. I gave both pages an updated look, making it easier to find information about me and to reach out. Links are above if you’re curious what the pages look like.

Looking Ahead

I am currently researching podcasts and already have a draft of a first season planned. If I do create podcasts, I’ll post the content on my Patreon for everyone’s viewing pleasure. My first book is nearing completion and you should hear more within the coming months.

That’s it! Like, share, and follow if you enjoy my content. I’m excited for the coming weeks as I delve back into poetry and short stories. As always, feel free to comment below!

May Update 2020

Hello Everyone! It has been a crazy last month! From quitting my job to being locked inside, a lot has happened. As of now, my main priority has been to publish my first book. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, this will be nothing new. It’s a compilation of the poetry I’ve written over the years and should total 22 poems in all. I’ve finally gotten all the poems transferred to a google doc and am currently figuring out whether or not I need to go ahead and purchase Microsoft word. Kindle Direct Publishing seems easiest for my first book and from there I will begin to look at other options. I do have plans for a second book and this will be a true to form title. Written not on the blog, but rather entirely new material. It’ll stem from my practice of writing short stories and will either be a compilation of short stories or a novel written from beginning to end. As such, once my first book is published, expect to see some more short stories on this site.

In addition to getting a book published, I have started expanding my social media strategies. I’ve built a good base for content on the site but marketing and promotion have always been a bit of a struggle. I’ve started employing some of my college of business knowledge to help push my content further. Part of that strategy has been to start publishing original content on LinkedIn. If you remember years ago, I used to publish business articles on this site. That eventually turned into self-help and then eventually the content you see today. It’s much more relaxed on this site and I like keeping it that way. That doesn’t mean I don’t cover more serious topics like mental health (I’ll try to get an article out soon for mental health awareness month) but as far as business articles go, I stopped posting them on this site for a reason! LinkedIn over the last couple weeks has been fruitful and has helped promote my writing talent on a professional platform. I’ve fiddled around with the idea of doing a third website such as medium and a long time ago I thought about a sub website (“Mike Cole Gaming” or whatever I was going to call it) but ultimately decided against those alternatives. WordPress has been my home for the last 5 years and it’s been great building this website for over half a decade.

After five years, I finally have an official facebook business page. This has allowed me to promote to my friends and family without me having to use my own personal timeline. If my friends like my content, then they can like the page. Eventually, it’ll house photography commissions and hopefully painting, but for now the Facebook page is just to promote my writing. Why I didn’t have one before, God only knows. My blog took the back burner a bit while the call center sucked out my soul. As of now, I’ll be treating writing as more of a full time job. That is why I’m pushing content on LinkedIn, writing a book, and promoting myself as a freelance writer. I enjoy writing and during a Pandemic is the perfect time to see what it’d be like if I only did this. If I can generate enough revenue, I think I would enjoy doing this every day more than any job I could apply for. Creative hobbies are fun and where my company has failed me, blogging never has.

Eventually, I might open up my Instagram to be public as opposed to private. I’m still mulling over the logistics but for now I’m going to see how it goes with Twitter. I’ll be on Twitter more often, figuring out how to tweet and gain traction. I’ll also be monitoring the audience I attract as the blog continues to expand but all in all I see no issue when we make the jump from one hundred and fifty followers (3 away!) to a couple hundred and then hit the one thousand mark. While I don’t think we’ll hit the one thousand mark by the end of the year, I am optimistic that the site will grow by at least a couple hundred. I check the stats consistently and we’re already on track to surpass last years numbers; for the entirety of 2019. The number of views for April jumped four fold from 2019 to 2020 to illustrate an idea how well the blog is doing. I am truly excited to see what May has in store. If there is any content you’ve been missing, feel free to reach out and let me know. I love writing and if there is content you want, I’d be happy to take it into consideration!

And that’s it! Just wanted to do a quick update on what I’ve been working on. It’s a crazy time but the blog has never been better. I am starting to see growth on the website and we’re set up for a strong year. Every like, follow, and share helps drive traffic to the site as well as bring in ad revenue so I can support myself. As we start to get more and more people joining my Patreon, I’d also like to emphasize that joining Patreon should come with an invitation to join my discord community page. If you don’t receive an invite, let me know. Below is the link to my Ko-Fi and Patreon, so if you feel like supporting me, you can do so!

Support this blog!!!

As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to this year!

Day ??? into the Apocalypse

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re doing well. Last Monday I made the decision to stay home from my Call Center job amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We do not have a remote option for my department and I am left to figure it out as I go. It’s made me realize that I desperately needed a vacation and disgusted with the fact, that as an American, we have been brainwashed to accept the conditions we work under. They could always be worse, yes, but not by much. I had to choose either my health or to work and make money during the Pandemic, and while I don’t regret my decision, I find it funny how employees break their backs for employers and once adversity strikes, employers are typically unwilling to do the same. I could go on about the mess of the situation my company has put me in but honestly, I’m glad. I’ve been thinking of quitting for the longest time now and this just might be the straw that broke the camels back.

As far as my plan, I don’t really have one. I’ve played around with a couple ideas in my lifetime and this really is the first time I get to decide who I want to become. The last year and 10 months I’ve coasted along, going out and simply enjoying life while hating my job. I’ve been waiting for a promotion that never came, and a pay raise that wasn’t enough. The Pandemic is essentially hitting the reset button for me. This blog, at the moment, is my main source of income. I do some freelance customer service here and there, but I typically don’t make more than enough to cover a cup of coffee (not that I’ll be getting one for a long while). I spend about $100 a year for this blog and it’s been a dream of mine to make money from this hobby. Rare? Yes. Impossible? No. As much as I’d love to ramp up production of content, I am only one Man. I write and edit all my content and that takes time that I typically don’t have to invest.

My main expense currently is my student loans. A degree in Management with an option in International business was not cheap. $34,000 that could have been used to invest, currently being spent on an education that has seemingly been not worth the cost. That said, I’m happy to say my student loans in the last year alone have been paid down to $14,000. My goal for the year was to have the loans entirely paid off and I’m still holding myself to that. I’ve made a concentrated effort and put myself in a good spot. To help with this major expense, I am going to have a $3 a post payment method (you can do multiple payments per post if inclined) that is completely optional. This money will go directly to my Paypal. There will be a link in every post and I will be taking feedback in regards to payment methods. I will also be publishing my poetry book (no ETA yet) and will charge $5 per copy, so expect a post on that when it becomes available. Beyond this, when the Pandemic ends, I hope to be in a better position to ultimately begin a career in Freelance.

Thanks for reading! Expect more content in the coming months. I’m still in the planning phases currently but I’m expecting to write more update posts to keep everyone in the loop as I begin to venture outside of this blog with my writing. Hopefully the next post will have a link to a published book, in the meantime, your support means the world to me. Stay safe everyone and wash those hands!

Help Mike pay off his student loans!

Hi All, Any support would be greatly appreciated! Student loans at the time of posting are $14,588.56. I will update everyone periodically as progress is made and hopefully we can get this paid down by the end of the year!


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