My Mission Statement


To inspire others. To lead when no one else will. I am a teacher at heart, enjoying the act of teaching and guiding.

Mission Statement:

I will be transparent in my language. Openness is the foundation of healthy relationships. I will be Honest. Being honest means not telling lies, understanding that lies are lapses in judgment. I will own up to any lie I tell and be genuine with myself when I make a mistake. Integrity is who I am and is a representation of all my values. It is also the ability to hold to those values when faced with adversity. I will always be a learner. I am nothing without my understanding of the world. It is not only having knowledge, but knowing how to use the knowledge in a productive manner. Service is to the self. I will seek to understand others and make an active effort to set up win-win situations. If a win-win cannot be reached, I will accept a “no deal” outcome.


Transparency – be open in communication. Transparency is the ability to be direct and say what you need to say in a way where both parties win. Transparency is the open pursuit of the better alternative.

Honesty – The true value of honesty is in owning up to your mistakes. A lie is considered a mistake, no matter whatever intent with which it is told. Honesty is finding a new, better alternative when decisions become tough and is a response to how well you deal with adversity

Integrity – Integrity is how well you can keep to your values and doing what is right based on those values.

Knowledge – knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you understand. With understanding comes acceptance and through acceptance we become better people.

Service – Service is to yourself and others. An emphasis is put on the self as everyone acts in their self-interest. If you do not have good character, it is impossible to do good unto others. Once you have the ethos, you will want to help others; it does not work the other way around.

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