Question of the week: would you become “limitless”

So, this is an interesting idea. I first got the idea from watching the movie limitless and thought the idea of overclocking your mind was so awesome. Who wouldn’t want to be the best version of themselves and more than extraordinary? Well, as it turns out, apparently there’s an FDA approved drug called addium that was banned for three years due to ethical concerns but is now being sold online. From what I’ve read, there are no side effects and it clears the mental fog that you can have whether that be from lack of sleep or what have you. It in a sense, makes you super human. Of course, I’m going to wait a bit and see if this actually works (The article I read was from CNN) but regardless, the idea remains. And my answer is Heck yea. I wouldn’t consider it cheating assuming it’s cheap and available to all, I equate it to the difference between people taking vitamins; those who do are much better off but those who don’t are still fine. Of Course, this is much bigger than taking a vitamin but it’s the same concept in principle.So what would you do? Thanks for reading and have a good one!