True Courage: A short poem by Mike Cole

True courage

Is not as it seems

One might think

One must be



Truth be told, bravery is much preferred.


To be brave is to show up,

To be afraid yet move forward anyways.


True courage is taking accountability

Admitting when you are wrong, even should you think yourself right.


It is putting yourself in the shoes of another and seeing the world as they do,

Not as you want to see it.


It is not about ego, it is not about pride,

And it is not waiting for a problem to subside.



It is looking yourself in the mirror,

and lingers on moonlit nights where sleep is hard to come.

And yet, it is fleeting to most,

A dream that they thought could never be reality.


And so one becomes dust,

Never to stand, and never to fall, never truly living, and never answering the call.

Hi all, hope you enjoyed this post. In general, I like to leave the “Outro” to my poetry sections blank as I like the reader to interpret my work. However, I just thought it was worth mentioning that this is an experimental version of my free verse poetry. Up to this point I’ve been playing it relatively safe when writing poetry. I am at a point however, where I am starting to define my style. Expect to see more “out there” poems in the future and if you have any feedback, feel free to hit the contact button or simply comment below!


Funds to send Mike to Mars

I love producing content. As I grow as an individual, so does my content. What was once acceptable now isn’t. As such, more time is spent working on each post. I do all edits, research, and content creation. Whether it’s taking photos for a post one day to writing poetry the next, my blog is keeping me busy. Donations are appreciated and are used to invest in creative pursuits whether that be writing classes, art lessons, and anything in-between.





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