Question of the Week: Dogs or Cats

A question as old as time, are you a dog or cat person? Me? Well, of course I have to go with dogs. Dogs, after all, are man’s best friend. Dog’s are loyal and kind, get jealous when you pet other dogs, and will love you till the day they die. Cats, however, are malicious evil creatures. Make one wrong move and your cat will methodically plot your demise. Cats have sass, will hate you if you leave them for too long (forget about going to college), and will destroy everything you love with their claws if they deem that you love that stuff more than you love them. Like I said, pure evil. Dogs however, will always be happy when you come home and get depressed when you’re gone, but never let that depression turn into hate, cause they trust you’ll always come back! And that’s the thing, a healthy relationship is built on trust, so therefore dogs automatically win! Feel free to comment below and thanks for reading!

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